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Making of inflatable tents

Inflatable structures (tents, stands, domes, marquees, igloos, etc.) are used for organizing outdoors restaurants and cafes. They make every event unforgettable and festive. Inflatable tents, domes, stands by Aerodinamika are widely used to decorate the grand opening of shopping centers, presentations, concerts and exhibitions.

Inflatable tents, domes, stands can be used not only temporarily but also permanently. That is why tents are the fine alternative to the permanent building. Installation of inflatable tent does not require any governmental approval procedures or special preparations. It takes about 15 minutes to install the inflatable and it is ready for usage.

Due to our great experience and high professionalism we can easily design and produce your even most creative custom-designed inflatable tents, domes, stands etc.

The air-supported structure of our inflatables enables You with wide opportunities. The outer cover can be changed easily and quickly for creating the new atmosphere. City holidays or folk festivals can be decorated with big hangars and tents.

Our inflatable tents, domes and stands will make any advertising campaign more efficient and successful, and theater performances and shows will become unforgettable.

Besides our 12 years production experience of the inflatables we can offer your company rental services. Rental tents, stands, domes, marquees, igloos are perfect for various needs from festivals and presentations to emergency needs and volunteer centers.